✰vision flowing✰ ✰vision flowing✰
✰vision flowing✰

i hugged nicky wire once


this has absolutely ruined me

for the past fortnight my dash has been 90% manics tour things and i’m weeping about the fact i didn’t go to the gig because i am a fat mess ughghghghhhhh

haven’t done any revision/work whatsoever in these holidays, which basically means i am a failure of an a level student

i have exams starting next week though, so i am genuinely fucked

i’ve basically left the house ~3 times in the holidays and everything sucks


The Slits, 1979. Mick Mercer collection.

Karlie Kloss by David Slijper

i am watching paranormal activity for the first time [even though it is total wank lol] but i am super pathetic and scared of everything ever so like i regret this hahaha
somebody teleport to my house so i don’t die in the night


David Bowie before a press conference at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, Netherlands on February 13th 1974. Photo by Gijsbert Hanekroot
Who needs friends when you have nutella?
i haven’t had nutella in years and i just had a moment of clarity today and thought “you know what would make my life better?? nutella. an entire jar of nutella.”

Candid photo of Adam Ant in 1981. Photo by Richard Ames



but you, my love, were kind

but love has left you dreamless

One of the best songs of Bowie imo

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